Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing has revolutionised modern day enterprise architectures whilst allowing smaller customers managed services without the overhead of operating a platform. Not only does it bring scalability and speed, but it brings flexibility, security and resilience.

AWS breeds agility and innovation which IdentityE2E as an Advanced Tier Partner can help you not only realise but unlock your potential.

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Our Partnership with AWS

As an AWS Advanced Services Partner, we have demonstrated not only our pedigree to deliver AWS solutions, but our technical expertise and our ability to work backwards from the Customers requirements.

We are a team of expert practitioners in enterprise scale cloud platforms, identity management, and biometrics. Rooted in the customer-first ethos, we create solutions that are meticulously designed, implemented, and delivered according to our clients' unique needs. Our philosophy champions continuous learning and exploration, constantly seeking smarter, more efficient ways to leverage cutting-edge technology for optimal delivery. We demonstrate our commitment to innovation through the significant internal investment into our proprietary products such as Jezero and our ICAO Facial Image generator. We strive to be the benchmark of excellence in our field, reshaping the future of technology while delivering exceptional value to our customers.

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Our AWS Services

  • Architecture
    & Migration

    We can help you migrate to the cloud or a hybrid arrangement whether small or large. Our demonstrated experience in successfully architecting, building and delivering enterprise cloud solutions utilising an array of AWS technologies, Infrastructure as Code, best practice repeatable patterns, networking, storage, observability, alerting, End User Compute and automation. With this pedigree, IdentityE2E can deliver a solution that satisfies your requirements.

  • Security

    Security and AWS’s shared responsibility model is a vital consideration of any cloud deployment. IdentityE2E has extensive experience working within highly regulated customers with sensitive data.  We have worked with NCSC and PDS to ensure suitable controls and compliance e.g., IAM, Guardrails, KMS, HSM, ACM, GuardDuty, Shield etc to achieve accreditation.

  • DevOps

    We have a pedigree in the DevOps world with vast experience on a variety of DevOps tooling and technologies. We constantly review and enhance our skills and technologies in this area so that we are continuously innovating and improving. This experience allows us to deliver automated CI/CD pipelines, allowing for regression testing, continuous deployment and configuration management for our cloud platforms and customers.

  • Consulting

    Through our skills base and experience we can advise client on their approach to migration or review their current solution or proposed move to the cloud with other third parties.


Secure Landing Zone Accelerator

Our Jezero Secure Landing Zone Accelerator provides a framework for deploying and managing large multi-account cloud solutions at scale. No matter if you want to get up and running straight away with our best practice configuration, or you have bespoke requirements requiring detailed customisation - the Jezero Secure Landing Zone Accelerator will get your customers up and running quickly so they can concentrate on innovation, application development and operating workloads in an environment aligned with the latest in cloud platform thinking.


Amazon Partner Network

IdentityE2E first joined the AWS APN (AWS Partner Network) in 2018 and whilst we have been actively delivering customer solutions we have achieved the following success with AWS:

  • AWS Public Sector Partner

    As an AWS Public Sector Partner, IdentityE2E can deliver solutions and services to government, space, education, and nonprofits around the world to achieve your success/outcomes.

    IdentityE2E has extensive experience delivering for large-scale UK Government projects including the Home Office and NHS Test and Trace.

  • AWS Advance Tier Services

    AWS Partner Advanced Tier Services Badge

    As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, which epitomises a partner with a strong team of trained and certified technical individuals, and have proven customer experience.

    Our Company DNA/philosophy goes further to embody ongoing learning and discovering better, smarter ways and technologies for delivery.

  • AWS Solution Sparks for Public Sector

    AWS Solution Spark Public Sector Partners

    I‍n achieving accreditation of this program, IdentityE2E join a very small cohort of other Partners. This program empowers AWS Parters like us to develop scalable Landing Zone Accelerator (LZA) solutions tailer for the public sector.

    We call our LZA platform Jezero which rapidly deploys and is not only secure but allows for multi-accounts. We invite you to look:

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