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Cydonia delivers a next generation biometric face matching solution optimised for the cloud. Cydonia is built on IdentityE2E’s ‘Jezero’ Secure Cloud Platform and is powered by Paravision Search. This dynamic fusion guarantees not only flawless integration and support, but also scalability, security and a multitude of advanced AI features, propelling Cydonia to the zenith of biometric excellence.

What is > Cydonia

On the 25th July 1976, an image of Mars was taken by the American Viking 1 Orbiter, it revealed Cydonia, The Face on Mars, leaving people puzzled and amazed. 47 years later, and 140 million miles away, we have created a state-of-the-art face matching platform, inspired after the famous Martian rock formation.

Deployable globally to customers’ accounts or as a managed service, Cydonia is a game-changer for travel and border programmes, digital identity, and verification initiatives across a number of industries such as Government, banking, entertainment events, and retail. Using advanced AI-based facial recognition technology supporting both streaming video and still imagery, Cydonia offers a hugely scalable and cost-effective solution, designed and optimised to run on cloud.

At the foundations of Cydonia lies 'Jezero,' our Secure Cloud Platform, built to be agnostic of any biometric algorithm for maximum flexibility and choice. The platform provides a pre-configured Kubernetes cloud platform, hardened to meet both national security and global compliance standards. Architected leveraging AWS LZA, it not only delivers fundamental value-added services but also includes a cloud operating model, technical standards, and pipeline tooling to facilitate the rapid deployment and integration with wider AWS services if required.

As a biometric vendor agnostic integration company, IdentityE2E carried out benchmark reviews and live trials with AWS, to identify the best face matching system to integrate with our Secure Cloud Platform with which to provide the Cydonia solution. Based on our independent biometric matching performance evaluation and the proven scalability of Paravision’s Image Search Platform to operate on our Secure Cloud Platform, we selected Paravision Search as the first integration with our platform.    It incorporates Paravision’s latest facial recognition algorithms, which have been independently evaluated by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST’s) Face Recognition Technology Evaluation (FRTE) across more than 5 years of consistent submissions, repeatedly validated as being among the most accurate available.  The seamless integration of Paravision Search means that Cydonia delivers a highly performant, scalable, enterprise-grade face matching solution.

Cydonia has been designed to work with multiple vendor biometric algorithms and as a fully independent biometric specialist, we plan to add additional features and algorithms as they become available and pass our testing requirements to run on cloud native architecture.

Key Benefits

Offering unparalleled capabilities, Cydonia enhances operational efficiency and security, delivering a host of key benefits:

Choice of Deployment

Offered as a fully hosted SaaS service or deployable service to customers’ AWS accounts.

Massive Scalability

Cydonia can handle virtually unlimited concurrency and support for galleries of up to hundreds of millions of records while maintaining its NIST-tested accuracy.

Extreme Speed

Enrol and match identities at staggering speeds to improve process efficiency and decrease user wait times. Optimised at the assembly language layer, Cydonia delivers over a million matches per second per core.

Native Elasticity

Cydonia is fully elastic, allowing programmatic adjustments in compute resources to help meet real-time demands and drive cost savings during low traffic times.


Architecture to help address multiple use case needs from large-scale Identity Verification (IDV) to day-of-travel passenger facilitation, with deployment flexibility and modular features.

Sophisticated Gallery Management

Works as a distributed database for biometric and vector data, allowing speedy addition and search of data, and enables definition of sub-galleries and focused search with adaptive filters.

Lightning-Fast Market Penetration

Cydonia accelerates integration, helping organisations swiftly implement the system with minimal effort.

Cost Optimisation

Optimise your SLAs around peak periods based on workloads and auto scale up and down to only use the compute you need, saving significant cost and improving sustainability.

Performance Metrics

Cydonia delivers the aforementioned benefits with exceptional performance metrics, exemplified by:

  • Gallery size scales to hundreds of millions of records
  • Enrols 50 million identities in less than 3.5 hours
  • 1.4M matches per second per core (Intel(R) Xeon(R) @ 3.10GHz)
  • 120 concurrent requests per second (16 CPUs, 100,000 templates)
  • Optimized for Paravision Face recognition, repeatedly ranked #1 globally in NIST Facial Recognition Vendor Tests (FRVT)

Features Of CYDONIA

Cydonia Face Matching: Use Cases

Travel & Border Programs

Integrate Cydonia with your travel and border solutions to improve operational efficiency and border security using contactless technology to optimise flow including eGates and airport security.

Digital Identity

Cydonia enables secure and high-speed matching in large-scale digital identity verification use cases, such as banking, retail and payments.

Government Programmes

Deploy Cydonia as a part of any large-scale government identity programmes to provide identity verification or identification matching including identity cards, immigration, watch-listing and passports services.

Live Events

Integrate Cydonia with your security operations at live events such as conferences, music concerts and sporting stadiums including access validation.

Advanced Product Features

Presentation Attack Detection

Ensuring authentic identity in the physical world

iBeta Level 1 / Level 2-certified, fully passive liveness detection works on single frame face images, and is optimized for remote, selfie-based enrolment or authentication.

Deepfake Detection

Authentic identity in the digital domain

Highly accurate single-frame deepfake detection - the ideal complement to presentation attack detection. Optimized for a range of Expression Swap and Identity Swap deepfakes.

Face Attribute Analysis

Advanced Face Attribute Analysis

Automated analysis of multiple important features, including age estimation as well as headwear, eyewear, medical / covid mask, and smile detection.

Integration With Streaming

Faces, People, and Vehicles: Vision AI for Streaming Video

Advanced face, person, and vehicle detection and tracking from standard RTSP feeds, delivering operational insights, advanced security, and next-gen customer experiences.

Navigating The Path To Authenticity

In a world filled with identity challenges, Cydonia, backed by Paravision, leads the way in delivering Vision AI tools to establish trusted identities in both physical and digital environments. Cydonia addresses a wide range of challenges posed by physical presentation attacks and digital manipulations with highly powerful and easily deployable protections.

Physical Presentation Attacks

Also known as Spoofs, Physical Presentation Attacks can include paper cut-outs, digital displays, latex or 3D-printed masks used with the intention of identity fraud. Cydonia uses Paravision Liveness technology, iBeta-certified to the ISO 30107-3 standard, to accurately detect the presence of a wide array of these attacks from a single image.

Digital Face Manipulation

Digital Face Manipulations can include deepfakes that use AI to replace the likeness or expression of one person with another in digital imagery and video, including in digital identity, media, and communications applications. Cydonia leverages Paravision Deepfake Detection to detect the presence of a various “Identity Swap” and “Expression Swap” deepfakes, and like Paravision Liveness, works on a single image or frame extracted from video.

Ethical Deployment

We believe in the responsible use of AI. Notwithstanding the current and potential benefits that this solution can bring to society at large, there are also concerns about potential misuses of it, either due to their technical limitations or ethical considerations.  Before this solution can be licensed and provisioned, your use of the technology will need to be clearly defined and go through a stringent approval process to ensure it complies with IdentityE2E's use case standards and Paravision’s AI Principles, available on request.

Our AWS Journey

IdentityE2E has extensive experience in implementing enterprise-scale cloud platforms. We are an AWS Advanced Partner and have worked with them over several years to deliver multiple enterprise-scale platforms. We build and maintain our own internal Jezero platform, have experience in greenfield rollout, migrations, platform aggregations and taking clients on their own journeys to adopt what we call "platform thinking" at a pace which suits them.  

 We have implemented and operated across a number of highly regulated government spaces and, therefore, have a wealth of experience in working with leading industry organisations such as NCSC which we've incorporated into our platform offering to ease the accreditation process. 

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