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Identity E2E, the first UK partner to achieve AWS TSE Vetted Partner Programme (VPP) status, presents Jezero-TSE,  a game-changing secure platform built on AWS Trusted Secure Enclaves (TSE) and the proven success of Jezero, the secure cloud platform accelerator from Identity E2E. Designed to meet the stringent security requirements of national security, defence, and law enforcement organisations, Jezero-TSE accelerates your journey to secure cloud adoption, enabling you to innovate, scale, and operate with confidence and is deployable within 24 hours.

What is > Jezero-Tse

Jezero-TSE combines the robust security features of AWS TSE with the best practices and expertise gained from Identity E2E's flagship product, Jezero. Our team of certified AWS professionals has developed Jezero-TSE to deliver a secure, scalable, and compliant cloud environment tailored to the unique needs of sensitive missions. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a modular architecture, Jezero-TSE empowers organisations to unlock the full potential of AWS while ensuring the highest level of data protection and compliance.  

As the first UK partner to achieve AWS TSE Vetted Partner status, Identity E2E brings unparalleled experience and expertise to the development and deployment of secure cloud solutions. With a proven track record of success in mission-critical sectors, including Global National Security, Government and defence, Identity E2E is uniquely positioned to help your organisation navigate the complexities of secure cloud adoption.

Technical Architecture Principles

Jezero-TSE adheres to a set of robust technical architecture principles to ensure the highest levels of security, scalability, and compliance::

  • Strong network architecture with managed ingress/egress
  • Granular access control for AWS console and service APIs
  • Private network connectivity to resources
  • Clear, maintainable boundaries of isolation for resources
  • Maximized capabilities within operational partitions
  • Automated, LZA-based deployment with prescriptive configurations
  • Secure data perimeter with defined guardrails
  • Alignment with a broad range of formal control baselines
  • Extending TSE to enhance networking and account vending for scalability across large organisations
  • Moving beyond LZA customisations to provide self-service capabilities

Key Features Of JEZERO-TSE

Customer Benefits

With Jezero-TSE, your organisation can realise the following benefits:

  • Reduce cognitive load by leveraging reference architectures built on years of experience
  • Streamline operations with the AWS-provided automation engine and 24/7 support
  • Focus on your mission by aligning people, processes, and skills for success
  • Accelerate accreditation timelines through a standardized approach
  • Enhance interoperability with other defense customers
  • Implement best practices for secure cloud adoption
  • Keep pace with AWS innovation
  • Access a trusted ecosystem of vetted partners

Suited Industries and Customers

Jezero-TSE, a specialised offering within the Jezero family, has been meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of organisations operating in essential sectors. These high-stakes environments demand adherence to stringent national security and global compliance standards. Jezero-TSE is particularly well-suited for customers such as:

Government Agencies

Defence and Military

Law Enforcement

National security and intelligence

Highly-regulated industries with sensitive data


Identity E2E offers a range of support options tailored to your organisation's unique requirements and can include:

  • 24/7 support availability
  • Real-time monitoring and proactive alerts
  • Flexible SLAs and support packages
  • Dedicated support team with AWS TSE expertise
  • Proactive guidance and optimization of your secure cloud environment

Embark on your secure cloud journey with Identity E2E and Jezero-TSE. Contact us today to learn more about how Jezero-TSE and Identity E2E can transform your sensitive missions in the cloud.

Our AWS Journey

IdentityE2E has extensive experience in implementing enterprise-scale cloud platforms. We are an AWS Advanced Partner and have worked with them over several years to deliver multiple enterprise-scale platforms. We build and maintain our own internal Jezero platform, have experience in greenfield rollout, migrations, platform aggregations and taking clients on their own journeys to adopt what we call "platform thinking" at a pace which suits them.  

 We have implemented and operated across a number of highly regulated government spaces and, therefore, have a wealth of experience in working with leading industry organisations such as NCSC which we've incorporated into our platform offering to ease the accreditation process. 

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